Sticky Buns

Sticky Buns



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Freakin’ delicious is the only way to describe our Sticky Buns and our cream cheese glazed Buns. These delicious spirals all start the same way, with a small batch of buttery yeast dough rolled around a cinnamon-brown sugar filling.

From here, things go wild, with not 2 but 3 variations to dither about:

Sticky Bun Flavours

All-Dressed Sticky Bun
This is the bun where it all began: light, fluffy cinnamon buns baked with a river of sticky goo and so many pecans you can’t even count ‘em.

Choose these babies if you love the gooey topping but nuts are not your thing:  unctuous flavour without anything getting caught in your braces, for example.

Here’s the Sticky Bun’s elegant sibling: no sticky goo or nuts, but lots of fluffy dough, spicy filling, and a creamy, tangy icing all in the same delectable bite.

Honey Apple

Here’s the Sticky Bun’s showy autumn version: sticky goo made of honey and baked with fresh apple slices for a truly unique flavour sensation that only comes every fall!

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