12-Pack Valentines Prairie Girl Mini Cupcakes (Limited Time!)

12-Pack Valentines Prairie Girl Mini Cupcakes (Limited Time!)



- Every 6th item is free! Select any flavours below.

Note: Minimum order amount 12 minis in multiples of 12 (12, 24, 36…)


Mix-and-match your 12-pack of Valentine’s Day Minis from the delicious cakes and rich, not-too-sweet icings that made Prairie Girl Bakery famous from 2011 to 2021! 
Here’s how to customize your perfect Valentine box:
  • use the dropdown menus to choose each mini’s cake, icing and topping
  • if you’d like a real “Valentine look”, be sure to include some minis swirled with our Valentine red vanilla icing or  pale-pink strawberry icing, and topped off with a red heart or pink sugar!
  • unless you tell us otherwise in the Comments, we will tie your box with a beautiful red taffeta ribbon
Do you want Vegan / Gluten Free cupcakes?  Our only mini box size is a 12-pack and because we always package V/GF products separately from regular baking, you can either:
  • Select a full box of V/GF minis with V icing  (let us know in comments how many you’d like with salted caramel vegan icing and how many with our vegan chocolate icing) OR
  • Select any number of full size V/GF cupcakes:  in the full size, we have a variety of packaging sizes available such that you can order just one or two in this size and we can package separately for you.




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