6-pack FudgyBites

6-pack FudgyBites



- Every 6th item is free! Select any flavours below.

Our Mini Fudgies are real party animals: they’re sooo yummy and just the perfect few bites for everyone who wants just a little something sweet and delicious. A 6-pack of these little devils is just the perfect host gift to take along to a partay, or throw caution to the wind and order a 6-pack in each delectable flavour.

Whether you choose the Chocolate Skor 6-pack or the S’Mores 6-pack, your box of goodness will be the talk of the town – or at least the office!

Chocolate Skor
Our Skor Fudgies are take-your-breath away delicious: deep dark brownie  puddled with melted caramel and topped with chopped Skor…these are the ones to choose if decadence is your jam.

If your condo doesn’t come with an open fire, skip the messy business of making S’mores and try our gooey graham-crumb fudgie studded with chocolate chips and swirled with melty marshies. Yum.

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