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Our cupcakes are so fluffy – not to mention, moist and delicious. They are also the perfect size – just like Mom’s, somewhere between little and big.

They are not, however, Prairie Girl cupcakes and we don’t make minis. Ack!! How could we do this?!

Well, we used the pandemic to finetune recipes, size, look and packaging and here we are, brand new cupcake recipes in the tried-and-true basics: vanilla, chocolate, and Red Velvet, iced with your choice of fluffy icings in vanilla,  toasted coconut, cream cheese, chocolate, strawberry, or peanut butter.

Feeling festive? Woohoo, add an optional garnish like Mom used to do! Pick from peanut butter cup crumble, toasted coconut, Oreo cookie crumble, a small assortment of sprinkles and a couple of sugar toppers.


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