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We LOVE cookies at Sticky Bakery, and we follow some simple rules to make sure that ours really rock:
  • Sticky Cookies only contain the best stuff like real butter, freshly cracked eggs, and  genuine chocolate chips and chunks
  • we make them big, yummy & perfectly chewy!
  • always baked the very same day you buy them from us!
Here’s a rundown of the Cookie Menu at Sticky:
  • Chocolate Chunk – every bite of this cookie is filled with real chocolate – a chocolate explosion! – and they’re the soft, chewy kind that you love so much!
  • Funfetti Cake Batter – this super pretty cookie combines party sprinkles, lots of white choc chips, vanilla & a hint of our special cake batter flavour to make them wonderfully addictive!
  • (NEW!) Skor – decadent chocolate dough pairs up with buttery-toffee pieces of SKOR in our irresistible (really!) SKOR cookie. It’s a Sticky-team favourite and sure to be yours too.
  • (NEW!) Red Velvet – you’re gonna love this cookie as much as you loovve our RV cupcakes: perfectly chewy with a subtle chocolate flavour & deep rich colour, studded with chunks of white chocolate!
  • (Coming Soon!) S’mores

Count on every bite of a Sticky Cookie to make your day a whole lot better! Limited Time cookies available seasonally!

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