Banana Pudding Party Bowl


How many people does the Banana Pudding Party Bowl serve?

The Banana Pudding Party Bowl is intended to serve six people with its 44 ounces of sheer pleasure but hey, you know your crowd and maybe it will go further (or quicker :))

How to keep my Banana Pudding Party Bowl fresh?

You can store your banana pudding in the refrigerator for up to 2 days. After 2 days, the bananas may start to darken. Some of our customers tell us that they freeze the puddings with great results but let’s just say that is up to you to try - the best pudding experience will come from eating it within two days of buying it at Sticky.

Do you offer delivery for Banana Pudding Party Bowl?

We sure do! We’ll make sure the delivery of your Sticky cake order is perfect whether we do it ourselves or use one of our trusted couriers.

See here for all the info you’ll need on pricing and delivery areas, and then our online ordering will guide you through the process to select delivery.

And be sure to just email us at if you have any other delivery questions and we will get right back to you.

Banana Pudding Party Bowl



- Every 6th item is free! Select any flavours below.

Not long after we opened, people started clamouring for bigger puddings, big enough for a party or for one very hungry person who really likes our banana pudding.

Thus was launched the Banana Pudding Party Bowl: 44 ounces of sheer pleasure intended to serve 6 people but we won’t be counting how many people dig in – just enjoy and we’ll be happy!

AND- wait for it! –  we have not one but TWO delicious flavours!!

Original Banana Pudding

Our OG Pudding has been called “dangerously good”. Made with layers of sliced fresh ‘nanas, crisp cookies, whipped cream, and creamy pudding, this stuff is addictive and beloved! Let’s just say: we make a LOT of the OG!

Chocolate Hazelnut Banana Pudding

Just when you thought Banana Pudding couldn’t be any more delicious, don’t we go and add thick, rich Nutella to take it right over the top. All the goodness of the OG with layers of chocolate hazelnut spread…um, here’s some advice: don’t leave your dish unattended.


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