Mix & Match Bite Box

Mix & Match Bite Box



- Every 6th item is free! Select any flavours below.

The time has come to go WILD AND CRAZY: mix and match a 6-pack of  whatever combination of StickyBites and FudgyBites makes your heart sing! Choose from any of our delectable Bite treats! We’ve got:


All-Dressed StickyBite: light, fluffy cinnamon bun baked with sticky goo and lotsa chopped pecans.

Hold-The-Nuts Stickybite: choose these babies if you love the gooey topping but nuts are not your thing.

Cream Cheese Glazed StickyBite: no sticky goo or nuts, just fluffy dough, spicy filling, and cream cheese glaze, all in the same delectable bite!

Chocolate Skor FudgyBite: a deep dark brownie puddled with melted caramel &topped with chopped Skor…these are the ones to choose if decadence is your jam.

S’Mores FudgyBite: try our gooey graham-crumb FudgyBites studded with chocolate chips and swirled with melty marshies – yum!

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