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treats for sharing

6-Pack Sticky Buns


6-pack sticky bites


6-pack fudgies


6-pack FudgyBites


You-Bake-'Em Sticky Bites


small cakes


large cakes


Banana Pudding Party Bowl


6-pack Butter tarts


6-pack CookieBites


6-pack cupcakes


6-pack cookies


6-pack Mini-Pudding


6-pack Banana Pudding


just a few treats

Sticky Buns


banana pudding cups








Butter Tarts


Cookie Sandwich


Limited Time Treats

Sticky Bakery Toronto

Sticky is a local Toronto bakery serving your favourite gooey, sticky, and messy desserts. We use quality ingredients and bake fresh every day for delivery or pickup at our St Clair West bakery location.

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