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Yes, we are happy to deliver your order to your doorstep! The delivery charge is a flat rate of $15 or $30 depending on area. We deliver ourselves or with couriers that specialize in food delivery.

Our $15 delivery area extends throughout the City of Toronto (all postal codes starting with ‘M’).

Our $30 delivery area includes Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, and Pickering.

If you live outside of this delivery area, please email orders@stickybuns.ca and we’ll provide a custom delivery quote. 

If you have any concerns, please contact us.

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Thank you for asking! Right now we have one vegan and gluten free item – the Butterscotch Fudgie.  In making this delicious Fudgie, we take precautions to keep the baking and packaging of this product separate from our other baking BUT please keep in mind that the Sticky kitchen uses many allergenic ingredients such as flour, eggs, butter, milk and nuts so we can’t guarantee that there won’t be cross contamination. 

Great question! No. We do not use lard or other meat byproducts in any of our baking. We’re not raining down on the great bakers out there who do use lard but it’s not our thing.

Yes, we love advance orders because they help us plan (and bakers are planners at heart!).

Place your advance order up to two weeks before you want it – online is best for us but you can also email us at orders@stickybuns.ca or call us at (647) 260-9495 to tell us what you’d like. (but please note- your advance order is only confirmed when you hear back from us.)

When ordering, you may get a message saying that we are sold out of that item. This is because we have a small kitchen and a maximum amount that we can make in it each day. If this happens, we’re really sorry and we hope that you will try ordering for a different date.

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Yes we do! We are located at:

621 St Clair Avenue West, Toronto, Ontario M6C 1A7
See a map to our location.

Our store hours are:
Wednesday – Sunday from 10am to 4pm or until we sell out.

All our products are best eaten the day you buy them, fresh out of our oven.  But if that’s not possible, here’s a rundown of how to care for your products:

Puddings – keep in fridge up to one or two days after purchasing. The cookies in your pudding will continue to soften and the banana slices darken slightly so it is best to discard the puddings after two days.

Sticky Buns – please do your best to eat your sticky buns the same day as sweet yeast breads harden quickly after even 5 hours.  But in a pinch they can be frozen then thawed at room temperature and gently heated for 15 seconds in the microwave.

All other baked goods – for overnight storage, keep fudgies, cupcakes, and butter tarts in an airtight container on the counter.  If you want to keep them longer they can be frozen for up to one week and then thawed at room temperature for two hours. 

ONLY keep baked goods in the fridge if your kitchen is very warm as chilling them will dry them out.


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